Heroes: ‘Logan’ vs. ‘Children of Men’

Heroes: ‘Logan’ vs. ‘Children of Men’

This excellent short video examines the parallel character arcs shared by the heroes of two of my favourite films: ‘Logan’ (2017) and ‘Children of Men’ (2006). Although these films differ on many levels, the protagonists of both stories share a common, overarching journey. For the heroes of both films, this journey moves from inner conflict and apathy (the central characters’ inner ‘lie’ we find them mired in at the beginning), to a more enlightened state—a state of inner redemption—by the end of both stories.

As this video essay outlines, a protagonist’s journey through a story dramatically expresses the central, underlying message(s) and moral argument(s) of a film. In both films this “truth” has to do with finding hope in the most hopeless of circumstances. Specifically, Logan‘s truth concerns the importance of family and finding the courage to be vulnerable to love. In Children of Men, this truth speaks of the significance of self-sacrifice for the good of other human beings. A highly recommended watch.

Courtesy of Lessons from the Screenplay

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