Adam’s Films



Selected Filmography:

  • S.O.S.: Xanadu (2016) – a short sci-fi themed call-to-action for supporting victims of the world refugee crises. “A young refugee tells of the suffering and plight of her people after hostile alien forces invade her homeland. This is a cry for help from some strange, distant planet… Or could it be from Earth?” Filmed on location in Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco and Canada. Completed for a contest by the Radcliffe Foundation.
  • The Light Within (2015): “Amidst a climate of fear and global conflict, a young woman searches for the light of hope within.” This acclaimed short film was shot on location in Morocco, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.
  • Baraka Blue: Love & Light (2014) – a music video for hiphop artist Baraka Blue, shot on location in Fes, Morocco. Client: Alchemiya.
  • Celebrate Mercy (2013-2014) – shot in Jerusalem, Cairo and Morocco, collectively these 3 short documentaries received half a million views on Youtube.
  • River Out of Eden (2013) – a campaign video to protect the Jordan River. Client: Friends of the Earth.
  • Breezes of Hope (2012) – a series of 6 short documentaries on development and human rights in the Middle East. Client: the Government of Canada.
  • The Middle East: A House Divided (2011) – a short documentary on the past century of history in the Middle East. Client: the Young Presidents’ Org (YPO).
  • La Khaima: The Tent of Mile-End (2010) – a multi-award-winning short documentary about a West African’s colourful restaurant in Montreal, Canada, where every meal is served alongside the humour and timeless wisdom of the desert.
  • Abdallah of Mile-End (2007) – an award-winning short documentary about an East African immigrant to Canada- his story and life philosophy.
  • Imago: Story of a Boy (2002) – an acclaimed short film about a boy who is blind and deaf, and his struggle to reconcile his apparent disabilities with his rich inner world.