Beyond Words: Art of the Long Sword

Watch this breathtaking clip of master Chinese martial artist Yu Chenghui perform the two-handed longsword.

Although he came to public notoriety for his prominent roles in Chinese kung fu films during the 1980’s (and more recently for his characters in several Wuxia-themed Chinese fantasy programs), Chenghui was in his own right a gifted practitioner of the art. Here is one description of his contribution to traditional sword technique:

For 14 years during the course of his martial arts career, Yu had been working on recreating the shuang shou jian (double-handed sword) movement, which was believed to be extinct since the Tang Dynasty.[3] In the wee hours of the morning of 15 September 1975, during a thunderstorm, Yu saw how a praying mantis reacted in response to the heavy downpour and conceived the ideas for completing the design of the swordplay technique.[2]

Source: Yu Chenghui – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sadly, Master Chenghui passed away 2 weeks ago- on July 5th, 2015. May your soul reside in the Peaceful Abode of the Way, beloved Master.

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