From left: promotional images from an early short (2001); directing a historical docudrama in Morocco (2014); Best Film and Best Director awards for ‘La Khaima’ (2010).

Adam Shamash is an award-winning filmmaker best known for his fantastical stories and rich, larger-than-life characters. He has travelled the world, directing short films, music videos and documentaries for numerous clients. In 2014 Adam co-founded Film Pill, a production company based in the dynamic East End of London, England, producing content for the likes of the BBC, Amazon, The New York Times, TEDx and Virgin. In 2016 Adam relocated to Vancouver, Canada―the so-called “Hollywood North”―where he has worked on productions for major studios, including 20th Century Fox (‘Deadpool 2’, ‘Predator’), DC / Warner Brothers (‘Arrow’, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’), and Netflix (‘Van Helsing’).

The colourful fusion of Iraqi-Jewish and Canadian heritage, Adam believes that film has the power to open hearts and transform minds. His short films have won several awards, including Best Film, Best Director and Audience Award. He holds a Master’s Degree in Filmmaking from Goldsmith’s / University of London (UK) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema (Montreal, Canada). Adam is a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada (DGC).

Contact: adam.shamash@gmail.com

Adam’s Film CV



Selected Filmography:

  • S.O.S.: Xanadu (2016) – a short sci-fi themed call-to-action for supporting victims of the world refugee crises. “A young refugee tells of the suffering and plight of her people after hostile alien forces invade her homeland. This is a cry for help from some strange, distant planet… Or could it be from Earth?” Filmed on location in Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco and Canada. Competed in a contest by the Radcliffe Foundation.
  • The Light Within (2015): “Amidst a climate of fear and global conflict, a young woman searches for the light of hope within.” Shot on location in Morocco, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.
  • River Out of Eden (2013) – a campaign video to protect the Jordan River. Client: Friends of the Earth.
  • Breezes of Hope (2012) – a series of 6 short documentaries on development and human rights in the Middle East. Client: the Government of Canada.
  • The Middle East: A House Divided (2011) – a short documentary on the past century of history in the Middle East. Client: the Young Presidents’ Org (YPO).
  • La Khaima: The Tent of Mile-End (2010) – a multi-award-winning short documentary about a West African’s colourful restaurant in Montreal, Canada, where every meal is served alongside the humour and timeless wisdom of the desert.
  • Imago: Story of a Boy (2002) – a short film about a boy who is blind and deaf, and his struggle to reconcile his apparent disabilities with his rich inner world.